3 Pack Soft Fur Yarn Chunky Fluffy Faux fur yarn White Fuzzy

The MixTeach 3 Pack Soft Fur Yarn is perfect for making cozy sweaters and other warm garments. This yarn is made of high-quality polyester faux fur, which is durable and easy to clean. With a beautiful white fuzzy appearance, this yarn will add some style to any project.

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  • The product is a 3-pack of soft, fluffy yarn that is chunky and furry.
  • It has a warm, fuzzy feeling and can keep you cozy during cold weather.
  • The yarn is made from high quality polyester.
  • You can wash the product by hand or with a low temperature machine.
  • This makes an excellent gift for someone special in your life.


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  • Soft And Warm Feelings
  • Super Light
  • Friendly To Skin
  • Great For Gifts
  • Can Be Used For Knitting Crafts


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